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taken from: Open Source Project
Joint Copyright Assignment by Contributor
To Sun Microsystems, Inc. ("Sun")

Contact Information:

Full Name: _________________________ (the "Contributor")
e-mail: ____________________________
Mailing Address: ____________________
Telephone: _________________________
Facsimile: __________________________
Country: ___________________________

1. Contributor owns, and has sufficient rights to contribute, all source code and related material intended to be compiled or integrated with the source code for the open source product (the "Contribution") which Contributor has ever delivered, and Sun has accepted, for incorporation into the technology made available under the open source project.

2. Contributor hereby assigns to Sun joint ownership in all worldwide common law and statutory rights associated with the copyrights, copyright application, copyright registration and moral rights in the Contribution to the extent allowable under applicable local laws and copyright conventions. Contributor agrees that this assignment may be submitted by Sun to register a copyright in the Contribution. Contributor retains the right to use the Contribution for Contributor's own purposes. This Joint Copyright Assignment supersedes and replaces all prior copyright assignments made by Contributor to Sun under the project.

3. Contributor is legally entitled to grant the above assignment and agrees not to provide any Contribution that violates any law or breaches any contract.

Signed: ________________________________ Date: _________________

Printed Name: _______________________________

Please fax and then send a signed original of this assignment to:




Eric Renaud Microsystems
4120 Network Circle, USCA12-105
Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA

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