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2. Innovation Happens Elsewhere

At the beginning of the twenty-first century the biggest challenge high-tech companies face is how to innovate effectively. Effective innovation is finding the right innovations to invest in to make a good profit. To many, open source is about Linux and a few other software systems and how to use them to make an inexpensive backroom. But open source is also a practice and a tool for encouraging and harvesting innovations. Open source is a way for companies to engage in highly effective marketing--both in the sense of marketing a company, software, and brand, and in the sense of finding out what products and product features to build.

Like any engine, an open-source innovation engine requires design, engineering, tuning, and maintenance. But to do those things requires understanding the science behind the machine. This is called "innovation happens elsewhere."


Open Source Is a Commons

Can the Commons Make a Difference?

The Commons and Software

Open versus Closed

Use of the Commons: Creativity and Conversations

Innovation Happens Elsewhere

Innovation Happens Elsewhere
Ron Goldman & Richard P. Gabriel
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